Why wouldn’t you use pervious concrete?  We provide nice looking, inexpensive, durable pervious concrete for almost any application.  Our services range from complete design and installation, to supplying of pervious concrete tailored to your conditions, to consulting on mix design and installation assistance.

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PerkTop is a very fine pervious concrete topping that is specifically designed to be installed over standard pervious concrete.


PerkGrout is a very fine pervious concrete specifically designed to be used in the joints between flagstone set over compacted rock or pervious concrete.

All Things Being Equal, Make it Permeable

Restoring or maintaining a site at predevelopment conditions in that the water that falls on a site should have the opportunity to infiltrate into the ground just as it did before development can have many environmental as well as economic advantages.  With permeable pavements, water runoff is eliminated which helps protect our creeks & bay from pollutants that it would otherwise bring with it, benefits trees & plants and recharges our groundwater to name a few environmental advantages.  Also with permeable pavements, they reduce reliance on expensive infrastructure projects like stormwater systems, eliminate need for high maintenance bioswale systems and maximize use of land by combining the stormwater system with the pavement, to name a few economic advantages.

There can be many other advantages to the use of pervious concrete as well such as creating aesthetically pleasing level surfaces without all the wonky grade changes directing to surface drains, dry sports courts, addressing difficult drainage areas and receiving permeable credits for new home construction.

So if we can make our pavements as or more attractive and durable than they already are and for comparable costs and they are permeable too, then why don’t we?



The Best Permeable Pavement Is Pervious Concrete

Types of Permeable Pavements  15+ Year   Durability       Cost Non-Petroleum      Design Possibilities Low Maintenance
Pervious Concrete           Yes     Moderate           Yes             Yes            Yes
Porous Asphalt           No Low to Moderate            No              No            Yes
Permeable Pavers          Yes    Very High            Yes             Yes            No
Decomposed Granite          No Low to Moderate            Yes              No            No
Stabilized Rock          No       High            No             Yes            Yes