The Best Way to Finish any Previous Concrete Job

Why PerkTop™?

  • Attractive, very fine surface
  • Suitable for any wheels or highheels
  • Achieve consistent results
  • Many design possibilities
  • Natural to rich colors
  • Inexpensive & simple installation
  • Durable

What is PerkTop™?

  • Very specific coarse sand
  • Portland cement & polymers
  • Over 2500 psi compressive strengths
  • Double necessary adhesion strengths for overlays

PerkTop™ absorbs over 200”
of water per hour!

Where can PerkTop™ be used?

  • Sidewalks & Paths
  • Plazas & Patios
  • Driveways & Parking Lots

Want a specific color?

Almost any color is possible withPerkTop™!  Choose from our extensive palette of subtle greys and tans to far richer colors, or custom create your own to specifically match or complement other colors at the project.

We typically provide seperate color packs to be mixed with one or two sacks ofPerkTop™.  Each project is custom mixed to provide for consistent color throughout.


PerkTop™ is supplied in 60lb(27.2kg) sacks with separate color packs if desired. Each sack is mixed with exactly 50 fluid ounces of water using a mortar type mixer onsite.