At Pervious Products we have been developing and installing the most innovative and best-looking pervious concrete for over 15 years.  We provide pervious concrete for a range of applications and to satisfy many varied requirements, such as demanding parking lots, municipal parks, overlaying unsatisfactory pervious concrete and exceeding aesthetic desires.  More recently we have begun producing custom pervious concrete pavers.  Let us know about your unique permeable pavement requirement and we will provide a solution for you!

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PerkTop is a very fine pervious concrete topping that is specifically designed to be installed over standard pervious or ordinary concrete.

PerkGrout is a very fine pervious concrete specifically designed to be used in the joints between flagstone set over compacted rock or pervious concrete.


At a time when multiple factors are creating conditions that can lead to more frequent droughts, mandated water restrictions, and rising cost of water; the use of permeable/pervious paving offers a wide range of environmental and economic benefits.

Use of permeable paving can: eliminate, or greatly reduce, stormwater run-off – protecting our creeks, bay, and other surface waters from toxic pollutants; benefit landscape plants by allowing passage of essential air and water to their root systems; play a significant role in recharging dwindling ground water; reduce reliance on more expensive and higher maintenance infrastructure/landscape solutions for storm water control; and can also qualify for permeable credits for new home construction.

We believe our pervious concrete paving solution, PerkTop, is the best pervious concrete currently available. In addition to the above advantages, using PerkTop concrete transforms ordinary pervious concrete into an eye-catching and safer, smooth walking & riding surface; functional home sports courts, without annoying after-shower/sprinkler puddles; and a far greater range of creative landscape paving solutions. We’ve created a pervious concrete that is far more attractive and functional than previous pervious concretes for a comparable cost: why wouldn’t you choose us!




The Best Permeable Pavement Is Pervious Concrete

Types of Permeable Pavements  15+ Year   Durability       Cost Non-Petroleum      Design Possibilities Low Maintenance
Pervious Concrete           Yes     Moderate           Yes             Yes            Yes
Porous Asphalt           No Low to Moderate            No              No            Yes
Permeable Pavers          Yes    Very High            Yes             Yes            No
Decomposed Granite          No Low to Moderate            Yes              No            No
Stabilized Rock          No       High            No             Yes            Yes