Mar 10

How to Place a Fine Pervious Concrete Path

This video gives a detailed description of the installation process for a simple pervious concrete path using fine, ⅛” (3mm) and smaller aggregate.
Mar 10

Avoiding Raveling in Pervious Concrete

Raveling, loose rock on the surface, of pervious concrete can be common.  This video will help you to identify the causes of raveling in pervious concrete and tips on how to avoid it.
Sep 01

Pervious Concrete Base Material and Depth

Determining the type of base material and how deep to make it for pervious concrete depends on a number of factors.  First thing is to determine if any is even needed.  If the subbase is primarily a well-draining sandy soil, then often pervious concrete can be placed directly on this... read more →
Jul 20

How Thick to Make Pervious Concrete Pavement

Determining how thick to make pervious (permeable, porous, no-fines) concrete depends on many factors.  Typically pervious concrete is poured the same or a little thicker than ordinary concrete.   Some common thicknesses for pervious concrete are 4" (101mm) for pedestrian applications, 6" (152mm) for vehicular and 8" (203mm) or more... read more →
Feb 06

How to Make Pervious Concrete

Some time back, well before I sold my previous business EarthCare Landscaping, I wrote a post on how to make pervious, porous, permeable concrete.  It was very simple and did not have any illustrations, pictures and certainly not a video.  However we have finally taken the time to put together... read more →